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Sometime you know what you want, but not where to find it. Look through our suggestions and discover new destinations, things to do and tips from locals experts. 


beCuriou was founded in Norway, so whilst arguably biased, we invite curious travelers to experience the breath-taking mountain heights, to the majestic depths of the famous fjords, sprawling stunning scenery, and dynamic urban centers. This really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Norway is an adventurer’s dream, you can embark on a Northern Lights chase, or find untouched artic wilderness in the Svalbard Islands. Hiking trails are abundant across the region and the quaint local towns lend a charming Scandinavian sophistication.

See some of our sample Itineraries:

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Discover a mystical Buddhist kingdom in Bhutan, an area of untouched outstanding beauty. Located on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, known for its ancient monasteries, majestic fortresses and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys.  


Instead of using the GDP to measure progress, Bhutan uses the GNH (Gross National Happiness) Index, by measuring the happiness levels of its highly spiritual citizens.


From three-day mountain excursions to multi-stage adventures over two and three weeks, we’ll combine cultural sights, spiritual experiences, beautiful eco-lodges and breathtaking scenery tailored entirely to your preference.


Wellness retreats

If you are seeking the ultimate relaxation holiday, then look no further than recharging at one of our hand-picked wellness retreats which are sure to not only change your health, but provide you with a better quality of life. Make the time for yourself now, and you will feel the rewards forever. Combining holistic medicine with regeneration and prevention, a team of specialists will be at hand to assess and evaluate, providing state of the art therapies and detailed diagnostics which will support you in finding the path to new vitality and balance. This may just be the best holiday you ever had.


Myanmar (Burma)

Subject to a long period of isolation, Burma has remained relatively untouched by the outside world. Consequently, its temple-strewn landscapes and royal palaces survive refreshingly unspoiled. Indeed, this country has some wondrous sights: the leg-rowers and floating gardens of Inle Lake and majestic rivers providing a cruising route between Mandalay and the Temples of Bagan. City streets are lined with remnants of colonial rule while mountain-top villages maintain tribal traditions. Probably the country’s greatest asset is its people, whose infectious spirit and genuine smiles are hard to beat.

But the biggest draw is the chance to see a country where the 21st-century world has barely intruded.


Our team has explored Myanmar’s well-known cities and its little-visited villages and countryside. With this first-hand knowledge, we can tailor-make the ideal journey just for you.


Formula 1

Our Formula 1 packages provide the opportunity to witness some of the most exciting races whilst allowing you to explore destinations, all tailor-made to your preferences. How about the glamour and luxury of the Monaco Grand Prix, the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning? Or  Formula 1’s first night race that has firmly established itself as one of F1’s premier destinations thanks to its spectacular location on public roads set against a backdrop of the dazzling Singapore skyline along with big-name concerts.

The Alps

The African and Eurasian tectonic plates collided 35 million years ago, creating immense mountains stretching over 200 000 square meters. Today, these mountains offer some of the world’s best skiing opportunities, with picturesque scenery. Luxurious lodges are nestled in the mountainsides, waiting to take care of your needs. 


Whether you want to enjoy the views of Matterhorn skiing in Zermatt, enjoy some of the best after ski in the Austrian Alps or relax at a spa, we've got you covered.

The Alps


Whether you are a golf pro looking for the best courses in the world or just a hobbyist wanting to combine your holiday with fairways and greens, we are here to help you. Throughout the years, we have developed the expertise needed to guide you to the best golf courses in the world - from the beautifully sunny Caribbean and the Maldives to high-flying Dubai and the laid-back Scottish highlands.

River Cruise

Discover ancient cities while gliding along the world’s great waterways.

With smaller ships and fewer people, river cruising gives you an intimate experience with a personal touch. Go ashore and stroll through Europe´s magnificent cities and return to the ship whenever you like. Indulge yourself with gourmet food on board while looking out on the surrounding landscape. Or simply enjoy the view from your own private balcony. It is truly something magical about exploring breath-taking nature and lively cities at the pace of the river. Let our team help you experience the ancient way of travel.


Want to wrestle a 300 kilo Black Marlin in Australia, or catch the famous salmon in Iceland? Or how about catching a hard-fighting golden dorado in Argentina's warm water rivers? 


From fly-fishing in Cuba to trout catching in Slovenia, whatever your preferences are, we will guide you to the best fishing spots around the world together with local experts with profound knowledge. 

Yacht Charter

There is truly something magical with having an entire yacht for yourself. Delicious food prepared by hand-picked chefs, professional dive masters giving you the guidance to explore the ocean and a friendly crew maintaining the security for you and your family. Together with professional partners in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, we ensure safe and personalized yacht charters, tailored to your preferences.     


We all have that first diving experience that transforms us. Whether it’s the surreal sensation of blowing your first bubbles underwater, travelling to an exotic locale or a unique encounter with marine life, it’s that initial moment – that connection to nature – that draws us into the world below the water surface.


As one of the world’s leading travel partners, we have specialized in this field, to be able to accommodate our clients and offer them the most incredible sustainable diving experiences. In this document you can read about different marine ecosystems, as well as some of our favourite diving spots around the world.

Talk to us about some of our favourite diving spots.


Where would you rather be?

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