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Expedition Photography with Nick Compton

A unique and sophisticated opportunity for clients to take a professional expedition photographer on their travels. 

beCuriou is pleased to offer a unique and sophisticated opportunity for clients to take a professional expedition photographer on their travels, allowing our clients to be fully engaged whilst we capture the beautiful moments and life changing landscapes for them. When visiting these epic places, meeting interesting people and engaging with nature, what better way to fully immerse oneself in the experience than to be entirely present in the moment. So often we spend most of our vacations and adventures behind our own lenses. At beCuriou we want you to have some freedom from your phones and technology so you can enjoy the adventure fully.


Our expedition photographer Nick Compton, is a self-taught, South African born photographer who has spent most of his adult years in the United Kingdom studying and playing professional cricket. Nick travelled extensively throughout his 20 year career. In this time he nurtured his passion for photography as a means to release some of the pressures of playing sport at such a high level. Nick was privileged to represent England in 16 Test Matches and his grandfather Denis Compton was also an English test cricketer as well as an Arsenal footballer.


Through his lens, Nick captures culture and people with the perfect art of observation. He has a keen eye for detail and ensures that all elements within the photo—the lighting, the composition, the subject, and everything else in between—work harmoniously to convey the memories that we want you to relive long after your vacation ends. Given his athletic background and the ability to perform under huge pressure, Nick is able to keep up in even the most extreme of environments and still retain a sense of calm.  At the end of the trip, Nick and his team will provide digital selects as well as the option to create fine art prints on archival paper for the client who wants to live with these images long after the trip is over. Nick is also available for corporate destination events booked through beCuriou.

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