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From the top of Mount Everest 8.848 meters above sea level to the Dead Sea 400 meters below sea level, and from the utterly modern Japan to the unknown communism of North Korea. The massive continent of Asia can’t be conceptualized as one single travel destination. Here you find everything from sandy beaches, tropical climate and exotic cultures, to snowy mountains and abandoned deserts. 

South-East Asia

Admire the spectacular construction of Angkor Wat, explore busy Bangkok or situate yourself in a luxurious bungalow on a tropical island. Spend your days diving among the beautiful corals in crystal clear waters or seeking answers in ancient temples, and your nights savoring flavorful cuisine. There is nothing you can’t love about this destination.

Central & South Asia

Between the mountain ranges of the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean, you find the South Asian Peninsula. Travel to India where luxury blends with simplicity and spirituality. Stay at extravagant palace-looking hotels and soak up the views of wonders like the Taj Mahal. Or for something completely different: travel to Nepal to experience  majestic mountains ranges or stay at beautiful bungalows by the pearly coral seas.   

North Asia

North-East Asia, a place where ancient traditions are united with modern life. Discover the streets of Seoul by night and indulge yourself with delicate street food. Partake in an exclusive Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto. Or head west to Russia and board a river cruise in St. Petersburg. Covering over one eighth of the world’s surface, these countries offer a diversity of destinations and activities. 


We hand-pick and carefully choose the very best resorts and hotels. From Aman, SixSenses and Four Seasons to smaller family-owned hotels, we provide our clients with competitive rates, insight and added value that makes a real difference:


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